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Bad Savings Idea

Save 15% on your next campaign!!

The world is full of ideas. You don’t even have to leave your desk- they’re everywhere! Sometimes, some of those ideas can even help you save money… like pasteurizing your own milk, switching your car insurance, or using recycled concepts for your national ad campaign. Hey- great minds think alike! That’s why we’ve created this tribute to the rigorous creative process it takes to build such a unique campaign. Ideas are like cat meat- simply delicious. Just cover them in a tangy sauce, give them a healthy ad buy- and viola! you’ve got chicken. And we f#ckin love chicken. Here at GuyCo, we couldn’t be more flattered that the folks¬†IQ¬†liked our ideas… in fact, we’d love to give you some too. We’ve been so inspired, we’ve got a limited time offer- just for our most valued customers.

Save 15% on creative services for your next campaign!

*Like that time Geico put out a bunch of ads just like our ads 6 months after we did.