An Independent Musician Forges His Own Creative Path in Jay Salbert’s Intimate Profile Doc ‘AlanMichael’

Contrary to the well-worn fallacy of the overnight success, achieving your dreams is typically an uphill road of effort and perseverance, peppered with obstacles of criticism, unappreciation and self-doubt. Recognising the struggles of a fellow Washington creative, Jay Salbert’s artful portrait piece AlanMichael, intimately captures the self-determination of a musician putting in the unseen work to accomplish his lifelong goal. DN invited Jay to share how remaining open to those serendipitous moments during production led to a discovery which added extra depth to this celebration of an undiscovered talent.

This project was also a bit of a celebration of the creative community in Washington, DC. Most people think of DC as only the federal government, but there’s a thriving creative community here that is often under-appreciated. It’s important to me to reinvest in my community and showcase the other creatives in Washington. Before we started making this video, AlanMichael told me that he hoped other young artists would see his process and be inspired to keep pursuing their own dreams despite self-doubt and lack of resources. I hope this video accomplishes that and can be an encouragement to other creatives.

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