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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready for live streaming?

Live streaming is a great way to build and interact with your audience, but is most effective in cooperation with a healthy social presence. If you are thinking about getting started with live streaming for the first time, get your social in order and lets start with something small.

Do you just live stream events?

Events are a great way to bring your audience together, but regular, formatted, ‘programming’ is also very powerful.  We happily do both.

How can I use your Interactive service?

The operation of our interactive tech originates in a mobile app, either your app through our SDK, or our app, TheQ. We then broadcast a live host asking a set number of trivia questions, survey questions, or a combination of the two.  After answering all the questions, the ‘winners’ receive a prize.  We can organize a game during a live event, or as  a stand-alone game. If during a live event, we can multi-cast the game to in-house screens.

How much lead time should I give to schedule a live stream?

Depending on the location, we can typically stream an event with as little as 48 hours lead time.  This most likely will be a single camera stream.  We’d prefer to have closer to at least two weeks…. longer with multi-camera or GFX-heavy broadcasts.  This gives us time to familiarize our crew with the ‘run-of-show’ and address/test any issues with the venue. (Lighting, sound, Internet connection, etc.)

Can I just rent your studio for my own production?

Of course.  We have a couple different options.