We bring people and content together through live streaming.

L ive streaming is the “social now”.  It is currently the most powerful way to interact with your audience. When live streaming an event or a studio broadcast, Lookout Productions takes a cinematic approach where possible. We believe that just because it’s live, doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing.

Live is the perfect mashup between people, technology, and content.  Because of that, it is sometimes difficult to bridge the gaps and produce a seamless experience.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll be there during your planning process, we’ll be there during your broadcast, and we’ll even post-produce evergreen content for all your social destinations.  We specialize in multi-camera live productions that include overlays, chromakey, stingers, and bugs. Our favorite platforms are Facebook Live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo Live, and Twitch.

End To End Architecture

We are tech geeks as well as film nerds. You need both.
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While launch events, performances, and panel discussions come to mind when live streaming, through our seamless partnership with Stream.live, we are able to use our own cloud based streaming engines, built from the ground up, to provide an end-to-end architecture for a sporting event, or even capture… outer space.  Check out our NASA and Charleston Challenge Cup case studies.  Don’t know what an end-to-end architecture is?  Get in touch.

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We'll help plan, write, organize, and rehearse your event.

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Multi Camera

Complex events require coverage. We've got ya covered!

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All footage can be locally captured in 4K for use in post-produced content.

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We implement lower thirds, logos, animations, and pre-recored content to polish your stream.

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We mix multi-track audio into our streams to maximize clarity. Also great for live podcasts.

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Stream Engine

Our 'cloud' architecture is in-house and built from the ground up, ensuring your streaming is controlled from end to end.

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We simulcast your stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and your website.

The purpose of 'live' is interactivity. We offer unique, live, interactive experiences.