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Traditional Production

Traditional video, or post-produced video, encompasses all content production that is not ‘live’.  The ability to edit video for story, brevity, or impact is what ultimately directs the emotional response of the audience.  When a viewer is emotionally invested in a story, the message has more impact.

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We believe that narrative content is a perfect vehicle to evoke emotions while preserving messages. We help clients deliver their messages, to the right audience, and promote action.

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We incorporate traditional documentary techniques to capture and tell stories about people, events, campaigns, and products.

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We combine strategic communication techniques with design to build stories out of motion graphics, stop motion photography, and parallax.

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Quality content requires planning. We'd love to be there at step one, but can jump in any time.

Writing Service Icon

Narrative, Animation, and even Documentary require writing. Our writers are the best writers.

Production Service Icon

Our cinematography, grip, and sound folks are ready to capture beautiful footage.

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Once we have the footage from principal photography, or our live streaming crew, our editors surgically assemble a story.

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Motion Graphics

We design and animate. Real good.

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Sound Mixing

After pristine capture, comes perfect mixing.

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We take color correction and grading seriously. Seriously!

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Once your production is complete, Lookout Productions offers help connecting your content with your audience.