Green Screen in Studio
live streaming/ sit-down interviews / podcasting


Our Adams Morgan studios are exactly what you would think it would be… welcoming, cozy, and full of character.  For those looking for non-traditional sound stages, we’re equipped to manage both simple and complex studio productions.

Stage A:
Stage B:

Our smaller stage is perfect for direct-to-camera setups, sit-down interviews, panel discussions and podcasts.
About 1,000 square feet.

Our larger stage is perfect for performances, presentations, workshops, custom sets, events, or large-prop studio productions.
About 3,000 square feet.

Our control room is outfitted with 3 screens, topped out Mac Pro, a 14 channel audio mixer, 5.1 surround sound for playback, and stereo studio monitors for mixing.

Our sound booth is a renovated coal-fired boiler room. Originally designed to contain massive amounts of heat, it’s been transformed to contain massive amounts sound.